Ilse Jacobsen Short Rubber Rainboots


The Ilse Jacobsen Short Rubber Rainboots are handmade Chelsea ankle rubber boots for women. These Wellingtons are made of the finest single-estate natural rubber which is harvested sustainably. This rubber is mixed with IJ’s own secret recipe, making the fundamental composition 52% natural rubber and 48% secret recipe ingredient. Entirely PVC-free, these rain boots contain no animal by-products. The result is a sturdy and reliable companion for rainy days. IJ have developed a special anti-ice sole with a rough surface, providing the best possible traction in slippery and icy conditions. These Wellies withstand temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius. Natural rubber will eventually develop a white surface over the years if you do not treat it regularly. This is simply because the rubber loses its essential oil. To keep your boots in great condition for many years to come, we recommend that you treat them with IJ oil once a month. Sizing/Fitting Tip: Ilse Jacobsen rubber Rainboots have a tight fit, we recommend going up 1 size, compared to your normal shoe size.



Ilse Jacobsen Short Rubber Rainboots

Ilse Jacobsen are known worldwide for their iconic rainwear for women inspired by the Nordic environment and life next to the sea. Rainwear of high quality with good functionality creates an opportunity to enjoy all types of outdoor activities despite rainy weather.

Washing instructions

If your boots get dirty, you can simply clean them with a damp cloth and possibly a little dishwashing liquid.

Care of natural rubber

  • Polish them regularly with our special rubber oil, so the rubber stays nice in color and flexible
  • Store your rubber boots indoors, to avoid the hooks to rust.
  • You can buy new laces if you think your rubber boots with laces needs a a touch up!

Rubber boots are mostly made of natural rubber and over the years they will get a whitish surface. It’s not because you’ve got salt on your boots, but because the natural rubber just quietly runs out of its essential oil. Your rubber boots simply dry out and need care.

If you want to keep them a little longer or make them look nice again, then it’s about getting started with the care! A pair of dried out and uncared for rubber boots cracks and breaks. Conversely, you can wear your boots for years, if you give them a loving round of oil once in a while.

IJ silicone RUB OIL helps rebuild the rubber and keep the boots supple. Drizzle a little on a sponge and lubricate it well into the rubber so they have a greasy surface. Let them dry so the silicone can penetrate. This treatment oil must be used to treat all Ilse Jacobsen rubber boots made of natural rubber.

You should care for your boots once or twice a month as needed. You should never put your boots in direct sunlight or in a place where it is too hot as it will dry them out leaving small cracks in them. Store your rubber boots indoors, to avoid the hooks to rust.

The insulating EVA SOLES can withstand temperatures between -40 and +40 degrees. The rubber can withstand temperatures between -20 and +40 degrees. If the boots are exposed to high temperatures, the vulcanization that holds the 28 parts of the boots together will dissolve and they will no longer be waterproof. Our guarantee no longer applies to boots that have been exposed to temperatures above +40 degrees and below -40 degrees.




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Ilse Jacobsen

The brand is based on a strong product portfolio characterized by iconic rubber boots, rainwear, dresses, shoes, accessories and an exclusive beauty series. Inspired by the natural and raw beauty as well as very special light in Hornbæk which follows the seasons,
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