Funky Staff | Blouse Asta Premium Viscose


The days of the plain blouse are over. This black viscose piece is here to take your outfit from zero to hero in a second. With its intricate cut and beautiful black colour, this stunning top will be sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons.



Funky Staff | Blouse Asta Premium Viscose




M, L, XL

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Funky Staff

Funky Staff is an established German label which focuses on classic styles with a modern twist. Every new collection has the same signature style, but they are updated in different materials and patterns to keep them fresh each season. Funky Staff believes that their clothing will sell best when it's sold by local retailers who can offer personal attention and make sure clients get exactly what suits their needs- no confusion or competition needed! All Funky Staff collections originate from Italy, however every piece of clothing is designed based on current trends so you're always up to date fashion-wise without compromising your favorite key pieces come back time after time again just refreshed for today's looks.
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