You may have noticed we do love cashmere and there are many good reasons why. Cashmere comes from goats – the undercoat hairs have incredible protection against the cold. The fibre is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool and yet feels light and fluffy to the touch. This extremely breathable fabric means can wear it Winter, Autumn and Spring!

Here’s why we love cashmere:

Softest touch: The smallest diameter of all fibres, cashmere has the finest texture and is the softest of all yarns. The finishing also contributes to some of the suppleness (dying, washing, etc). Against your bare skin, soft, premium cashmere will feel like butter. Cashmere is a fantastic substitute for wool for those with sensitive skin who find it too scratchy, albeit it requires a little bit more of an investment.

Warm & Cosy: A cashmere sweater will keep you 8 times (YES, 8 times) warmer than a wool sweater would. Choose cashmere for the coldest weather, and you’ll be comfortable and toasty. It is ideal for regulating your body temperature because it has an insulation capacity that is three times greater than wool (and up to eight times higher for the finest cashmere). A yarn that keeps you warm but not hot is ideal.

Moisture and breathability: Cashmere has excellent regulating and ventilation capabilities due to the extra-fine structure of the hair strands. A cashmere outfit can be your saviour on warmer days, especially if you perspire easily. This extremely breathable fabric keeps you feeling fresh for a longer period of time despite its warmth. Cashmere adapts to your temperature, keeping you comfortable regardless of the weather, unlike other fibres that “trap” heat.

Travel Buddy: Despite being strong, the fibres are remarkably light and naturally fairly wrinkle-resistant. It won’t weigh you down and will keep looking new every day (literally).

Long Lasting: The best cashmere jumpers can last 10 years when the right care is given to the garment. It is not uncommon to hear of people wearing cashmere jumpers from their grandparents. Quality cashmere does not shrink when washed correctly, and will retain shape better than wool over the years.

So why do you love cashmere? Let me know!

For those thinking about investing in a cashmere sweater (for now or for later, depending on where you live!), I’ve picked out some of my favourites below Aleger and Alessandra.

Alyce El-Haddad

Alyce El-Haddad

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