Bypias Ornament Wool Scarf


The Bypias Ornament Wool Scarf is a beautiful Paisley patterned pure wool scarf in beautiful soft powder tones. A multi-purpose scarf that can also be used as a wrap or shawl and will complement and complete your outfit. Available in two colourways: Blue and Pink

Size: width 70 cm, length 178 cm

Composition: 100% wool


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Bypias Ornament Wool Scarf

Colour: Due to the natural composition of the material – small, individual differences in shades may occur in the products.

Care instructions: Hand wash in cold water. No bleaching or tumble drying. Set to dry on a flat surface. Ironing at low temperature.

The 100% wool knitwear, pullovers, cardigans, scarves, beanies and other accessories are made in Finland.

As a breathable material, wool is warm and absorbs moisture from the skin. The wool fiber is airy, flexible, and shapeable. It is curly and elastic and feels warm even when moist. It effectively repels dirt and cleans itself so you don’t need to wash your woolen clothes too often. It is advisable to freshen the wool product in the moist outdoors air, where the fibers swell and get rid of odors and traces of use while the product is being freshened.

By caring, washing and storing your knit properly, you can benefit from its good quality and beautiful look for long. The rule of thumb is more freshening with less washing. Let the knit rest properly between uses.

BYPIAS woolen knitwear has been washed as a finished product, so you don´t need to wash it before the first use.

  • Hand wash the knit after turning it inside out or use a delicate wool wash program at 30 °C max.
  • Use a gentle neutral detergent recommended for wool washing. Pests are attracted by stains, so remove stains while fresh, using bile or walnut soap.
  • In the case of hand wash, do not soak the wool item and handle it carefully. Do not twist, rub or crush wool vigorously. Rinse several times.
  • Spin lightly at a low speed, 400 rpm at max, or press excess water by rolling the item with a thick terry towel. Do not use a tumbler dryer.
  • Straighten and shape the wool product at a moist state and dry it flat in an airy place, such as on a towel, but not in the sun or on the radiator.
  • If necessary, iron using a steam iron with a damp cloth at 150 °C.

Keep the wool product airy and loosely folded on a shelf horizontally. Close the zippers and buttons. Long, thick and heavy knitted items stretch out on a hanger.

Protect your woolen knitwear from pest insects. BYPIAS wool products have not been treated with pesticides or any surface agents, so it is important to store them properly. When not in use for a while, protect your wool product from pests by storing it in a plastic bag or in a covered plastic box.

Soft wool knitwear may pill at the beginning of use. Pilling occurs when the short ends of the fibers protrude from the surface of the knit and form furry pills in areas exposed to abrasion, such as a handbag, a safety belt, coat seams, etc. Pilling is natural and can be easily removed by treating a knit, for example, with a Cashmere comb or a pill remover.

BYPIAS wool fiber has been produced with respect for the sheep’s rights.


Blue, Pink



BYPIAS is my passion for natural linen clothing and home textiles. The story of this design started in 2011. BYPIAS collection is made of strong, heavy-weighted northern european linen. Also luxurious cashmere and handcrafted wool knits. BYPIAS garments are handmade with love in our ateliers nearby. Inspiration for the colors comes from the nordic nature and style from the scandinavian classics with a twist of bohemian lifestyle.
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